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"The ILLUIN Talk suite is deployed across all our customer paths with significant results. significant results in terms of customer and employee satisfaction."

Laurent PLUCHON, Customer Relations Director at CHRONOPOST

"Everything we do with ILLUIN is part of a vision ofambition with the ability to take innovation toscale and have the right level ofimpact."

Christophe MONTAGNON, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at RANDSTAD FRANCE

"ILLUIN's solutions are both high-performance performance and advanced language processing, making them a real competitive advantage. differentiating assets."

David GODAT, Information Systems Director at BOURSORAMA

Some of our achievements

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Randstad revolutionizes recruitment with Randy

Randy gives candidates a new, fun and interactive recruitment experience, without forms or CVs.

Randy allows candidates to present themselves on video, and can offer them over 150 tests to assess their technical and behavioral skills in relation to 41 professions.

Randy has already processed the profiles of over 150K candidates, exchanged over 4M messages with them per year and held conversations with some candidates for almost 23 minutes.

Barely in production, it was voted chatbot of the year at the 2018 Social Media Grand Prix.

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Our Chronopost customers

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With ILLUIN Talk, Chronopost reinvents its Customer Service 

The products in the ILLUIN Talk suite are present throughout the company's customer lifecycle, helping to reduce the volume of contacts while improving customer and employee satisfaction.

For example, the Léonard chatbot informs customers about their parcels in 22 countries and across all channels: website, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp... and even phone since its callbot extension!

On the call center side, while the Voice Parser product automates typing during voice conversations, enabling advisors to focus more on the human element, the Speech Analyzer product detects recurring call patterns and evaluates customer satisfaction.

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Century 21 predicts and estimates future real estate sales

Using data from 880 agencies across France, we have created an algorithm that ranks former customers by their appetite for property sales, and automatically predicts potential sellers in the vicinity of each agency.

With a detection performance of 85.6%, this model makes it possible to target prospecting efforts very precisely, to increase the volume of offers made and to retain sales staff, giving each agency a decisive competitive advantage at local level.

Themeticulous UX of the results visualization interface has been a key factor inagency buy-in and adoption in the field.

Our Century 21 customers
ILLUIN Santé Search Clients

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Cutting-edge documentary research at CHRU Brest

Faced with the hospital's 10,000 or so unstructured internal documents, employees and nursing staff at CHRU de Brest were finding it extremely difficult to quickly identify the information they needed.

In response to this problem, we deployed our Search product: it searches within documents and retrieves the precise answer to any question asked in natural language.

The 7,000 users are unanimous satisfaction rated at 8.5/10, average search time 10 seconds, and the right answer returned in more than 9 cases out of 10.