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Our fields of expertise

Tailor-made Data Science solutions

Data Science

NLP/NLU | Computer Vision | Structured Data

Customized software engineering solutions

Software Engineering

Full-stack dev web & mobile | Architecture/Ops | AR/VR | Data Engineering

Customized Product & Design Solutions

Product & Design

Design Thinking | Human Centered Design | UX/UI Design | Product Management

Tailor-made solutions from POC to industrialization with agility and ambition

Applying the state of the art of Data Science in the enterprise

Our internationally-recognized publications attest to our undeniable position as technological technology leader in the field of Structured Data and NLU/NLP with applications in the fields of conversational (bots, voice analysis, sentiment analysis, etc.) and document processing (classification, extraction, search, etc.).

This cutting-edge know-how also includes Computer Vision: image classification, segmentation or vectorization, object detection, and more. Applied to concrete business needs, our models enable us, for example, to design tailor-made solutions for facial recognition, the processing of scanned documents, or the detection of pathologies on medical images (MRI).

Combining agility and ambition, from POC to industrialization

From the demonstrator designed to test a use or "deristify" an idea, to the finished custom solution, integrated into the IS, monitored, resilient, modular, flexible, scalable... our teams provide you with ongoing support, anticipate scale-up and evolve with speed.

By choosing to work with us, you position yourself to become a true innovation leader in your market.

As your partner, we enable you to test technological advances at the right moment in their maturity cycle - avoiding the mistakes of hype - and deploy tailor-made, value-creating solutions with the right level of ambition and impact.

Tailor-made solutions focused on people and users
Tailor-made solutions focused on people and users

Secure, sustainable deployment at the heart of information systems

Thanks to our wide range of expertise, we are able to put together multi-disciplinary teams capable of meeting the current and future challenges of your information systems: integration complexity, evolving architectures, adoption of new tools, and so on.

We combine the SCRUM method with XP, which guarantees the quality of our developments, and the DevOps approach, which makes deployment more reliable and automated.

Finally, when it comes to security, we apply industry best practices, and most of our technologies are proprietary, independent and deployable on premise, for greater control over your data.

Putting people at the heart of a revolutionary experience

Our obsession is to design tailor-made solutions that have an impact on their users, businesses or customers.

So, from a simple workshop to define personas and their needs, to the full application of the Design Thinking methodology, we always put people at the center of our thinking, and ensure that the tailor-made solutions we create are adopted.

In particular, the fusion of our cutting-edge expertise - software engineering, data science and design - enables us to explore in depth the potential for innovation in man-machine interfaces, whether graphic, tactile, vocal or virtual. Virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, metavers... the fields of creativity are endless!

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High-level experts with a vision for your projects and your organization


All-rounders with technical and interpersonal skills


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