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Dataannotation platform


Automatic detection of RGPD non-compliance


Immersive HR courses for employee engagement


Data Flow First API design platform

Speed up and reduce the cost of data annotation

With the best UX on the market and templates for pre-annotating data, Etiquette saves you a huge amount of time when annotating your NLP and Computer Vision projects.

Our platform features advanced rights management functions to facilitate teamwork, and can be used as a Saas or On Premise solution, depending on your company's requirements.

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Automate the control of RGPD non-compliances

ILLUIN RGPD features a robust rules engine to reliably detect non-compliances -health data, racism, religion, legal, political, sexual orientation, personal data, sensitive data... - and easily create new rules to adapt to changing regulations.

To this approach, we've added learner models to understand the context that simple rules wouldn't capture.

(Re)engage your employees with immersive mission games

Anima combines the latest research in experiential pedagogy, cognitive science, human resources and positive psychology to offer a range of HR courses: training, mobility, team building, skills assessment...

These courses are supported by cutting-edge technologies: AI-augmented coaches, digital platform, AR/VR mission game, etc.

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Design your APIs with a Data Flow First approach

Akwatype facilitates collaboration between architects, developers and product owners by giving project teams practical, high-performance tools dedicated to designing their APIs at a very early stage in the project.

In this way, Akwatype ensures the consistency of exposed data, and speeds up the design of APIs.