The Lab for transition

Let's face the challenges of our world together

Convinced that digital technologies can help solve many of the challenges of the energy and climate transitions, we have created the Lab pour la Transition.
Our aim is to put our expertise and products at the service of your ecological transition.
Lab for the transition ILLUIN Technology

Why join Lab pour la transition?

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

Join an ecosystem of players committed to the environment

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

Take advantage of our capacity forinnovation and agility to accelerate your transition

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

Benefit from proven technical expertise and cutting-edge technologies

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

Innovate in an agile context co-funded by ILLUIN Technology

Industrialization - Data & Software Engineering

The carbon calculator for monitoring the impact of parcels

We have helped a major European logistics player to provide accurate, real-time estimates of the carbon emissions generated by its parcel transport operations.

Technically, Carbon Calculator provides 7 million estimates per day, in over 19 countries. Statistics aggregated in dashboards enable the customer's emissions reduction strategy to be steered.

Following on from this project, our customer continues to place its trust in us for Address Correct and 2B2C, projects that tackle the reduction of emissions linked to the last km of delivery!

ILLUIN Talk Callbots
ILLUIN Talk Callbots
Proof of concept - Data Science

Predicting groundwater levels

In France, BRGM uses a powerful but time-consuming mathematical approach to predict water levels over 3-6 months for each new aquifer.

Our Machine Learning approach has enabled us to do this based on historical aquifer data, and has been successfully tested in the Tarn-et-Garonne region.

The great strength of our models lies in the fact that they require no modeling effort on the part of the trade. What's more, in the absence of historical data on an aquifer, data from the region can already provide very satisfactory results!

Start-up Studio - Mentoring

Electrifying company vehicle fleets

To meet the target of limiting global warming to 2°C by 2050, business vehicle fleets will have to follow a strong decarbonization trajectory, combining changes in travel modes and electrification.

Nelson Mobility is a young company offering a platform enabling their customers to accurately track the consumption of their fleet of service vehicles and simulate transitions.

As part of the Lab pour la Transition, ILLUIN contributes its know-how to Nelson Mobility through regular skills sponsorship sessions on technical or strategic subjects.

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Our committed partners

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

With Digital Tech Year: 130+ companies involved, 240+ MVPs made and 280+ students trained

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

Partner of the AI and "Data Sciences" specialization in 3A and of the "AI and Recruitment" research chair.

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

ILLUIN Technology is a partner of Latitudes, an association working for the development of Tech For Good.

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

ILLUIN Technology helps finance the work of The Shift Project, a leading player in sustainable development

ILLUIN Sustainable for businesses

ILLUIN Technology is part of the Impact AI collective for the use of AI technologies in sustainable projects

Laying the foundations for your project through co-construction

Share with us the vision and context of your project or problem, and draw on our mastery of several innovation tools and methods, such as :

> Ideation and design thinking workshops
> Agile prototyping with the Paris Digital Lab
> Hackathons

Over a period of around 2 months, we'll be able to work together to frame the project in terms of resources and results.

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ILLUIN Talk Callbots

Test your ideas with our cutting-edge technologies

Take advantage of our cutting-edge skills in Data Science, Data Engineering, AI and software development to create a POC, MVP or industrialize your high-impact project.

See also our range of off-the-shelf products that are gas pedals for your projects.

We use an agile methodology to test your hypotheses quickly.

Monitoring impact and scaling up

The Lab hosts projects that have a positive impact on our environment, which can take various forms: reducing your GHG emissions, improving your energy efficiency, contributing to the energy transition, raising awareness among your employees or customers...

Together, we'll define the most relevant KPIs, which we'll monitor to validate the relevance of the proposed solution, inform our choices to respond effectively to your problem, and bring this impact to scale.

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