Who we are

We are change makers resolutely committed

As a company, collective, and individual contributors, we are unwavering in our commitment.

year of creation



in French-speaking NLU

JH of R&D in 2022

Our values


It is the foundation of interpersonal relations within our teams, with our customers and with our partners.


We enable each illuiner to reveal his or her potential, because that's how excellence and innovation come about.


It's what characterizes our offerings: high-tech solutions, elegantly crafted to create the wow effect.


It is our driving force: to push back the boundaries of the state of the art and accelerate its application in organizations.

Our team

Push open the doors of our offices and immerse yourself in our world through the testimonials of 4 of our 70+ illuiners: everything you need to know about our team, our offers, our professions, our organization and our culture.

Meeting with Robert


Meeting with Wacim

Head of Data Science

Meeting with Enguerran

Head of Software Engineering

Meeting with Aurélien

Product Software Engineer

Our strategic partners

ILLUIN Technology was born in the heart of Paris-Saclay University's open innovation ecosystem, and quickly forged close ties with two of its industrial customers - Randstad and Chronopost - who became shareholders.


Partner of Digital Tech Year: 130+ companies involved, 240+ MVPs produced and 280+ students trained in 5 years

Partner of the AI and "Data Sciences" specialization in 3A and of the "AI and Recruitment" research chair.


Randstad has been an ILLUIN customer since 2017, and the Randstad Innovation Fund became an ILLUIN shareholder in 2018.

Chronopost (DPD Group) has been an ILLUIN Technology customer since 2017, and a shareholder since the end of 2020.