Automate your document processing

Benefit from robust, drive-free technology, designed to process your documents efficiently, with the option of fine-tuning to suit your specific requirements.

ILLUIN Docs products


Natural language searching in document databases

Doc Parser

Extracting information from documents

Doc Control

Checking the conformity of documents and their data

Revolutionize the document search experience

Unlike conventional search engines, ILLUIN Search doesn't rely on approximate keywords, and doesn't just list documents that may contain what you're looking for.

No, ILLUIN Search searches inside documents and returns the precise answer to your question in natural language. Quite simply, it saves you an incredible amount of time.

ILLUIN Docs Search
ILLUIN Docs Extract
ILLUIN Docs Extract

Automatedata extraction from your documents

Doc Parser extracts data from unstructured documents - receipts, invoices, identity papers, financial reports, contracts, etc. - and automates their processing.

While our visual analysis models reconstruct document structure, our Question Answering models identify target data with surgical precision... without training!