Putting our expertise and products to work for Health

Always on the lookout for ways to have a positive impact on society, we have set up this unit dedicated to researching concrete use cases for our products, know-how and technologies in the healthcare sector.

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Some of our achievements

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The virtual coach for sleep apnea patients

Health insurance reimbursement for sleep apnea treatments is conditional on the quality of treatment, with a direct correlation to compliance.

To automate the follow-up of a large number of patients while improving treatment efficiency, we have set up an omnichannel conversational agent - telephone, web, SMS... - capable of contacting patients regularly, asking them questions about their symptoms/treatments and collecting their feedback.

For this use case, we used the ILLUIN Talk suite and developed a customized interface for detailed patient follow-up.

ILLUIN Health virtual coach
ILLUIN Santé Search

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Cutting-edge documentary research at CHRU Brest

Faced with the hospital's 10,000 or so unstructured internal documents, employees and nursing staff at CHRU de Brest were finding it extremely difficult to quickly identify the information they needed.

In response to this problem, we deployed our Search product: it searches within documents and retrieves the precise answer to any question asked in natural language.

The 7,000 users are unanimous satisfaction rated at 8.5/10, average search time 10 seconds, and the right answer returned in more than 9 cases out of 10.

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Transform medical & sports monitoring with MY STADIUM

MON STADE is a center of expertise in health, sport and performance, as well as a "Maison Sport Santérecognized by the French Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

We have developed applications specifically for MON STADE - front-end, back-end, multi-device - that enable users to register for the various programs on offer, enter data for medical check-ups by MON STADE doctors, edit personalized reports, administer and exploit data for medical research, and create and follow sports training plans.