Real-time operation of
voice streams on an industrial scale

ILLUIN Voice can capture, structure and exploit all types of voice flow in real time. This technology is unique in its unrivalled understanding of conversational patterns.

The advantages
of our technology


Unique understanding of conversation patterns


A robust, scalable and secure infrastructure


A battery of native conversational analytics

Real time

Multiple use cases thanks to real time


Integrates into your technology ecosystem

Unparalleled understanding of conversation patterns

ILLUIN Voice finely understands the meaning of a conversation as a whole, as well as its structure: number of participants, courtesies, context, topics, digressions...

Our technology is also capable of carrying out analyses at the level of a set of conversations to detect recurring patterns, identify trends and so on.

ILLUIN Voice unparalleled understanding of conversation patterns
ILLUIN Voice real-time voice analysis technology

Real-time technology to analyze your voice flows

Real-time logic has been deeply embedded in ILLUIN Voice's architecture to enable a multitude of use cases where analysis needs to take place during the conversation.

Our technology makes it possible to take automated notes during an HR interview, or to automatically fill in a medical report during a consultation.

An infrastructure designed for industrial applications


When hot, in a call center for example, ILLUIN Voice processes massive flows simultaneously. When cold, thousands of conversations can be analyzed in just a few hours.


We apply market best practices in security, and our technologies are proprietary, independent and deployable on premise.

Integrates with your telephony and IS solutions

Thanks to our integrator partners, ILLUIN Voice connects with most telephony and speech-to-text solutions to capture and transcribe voice streams of all types.

ILLUIN Voice integrates just as quickly with your IS and business tools
(CRM, HRIS, HIS, forms...) to make the value of your voice data
the value of your voice data.

ILLUIN Voice integrations

Native construction ofconversational analytics

To give you maximum visibility of your conversational data and turn it into a real lever for value creation, we've integrated a battery of native analytics.

In addition to these native metrics, it is possible to add customized dashboards specific to your use case, in order to monitor your activity and identify avenues for continuous improvement.