ILLUIN Dialogue

Our powerful bot management platform

ILLUIN Dialogue lets you build and manage your chatbots, callbots, mailbots... deploy them across all your channels, and monitor their activity, without any technical skills.

The advantages
of our technology


An intuitive, ergonomic low-code interface


A robust, scalable and secure infrastructure


Clear, detailed, actionable analytics


Advanced interaction with your IS and tools


Bots that are omnichannel by nature, right from the start

Set up your bots without any technical skills

Our low-code graphical editor allows business users to define conversational scenarios, content and bots' personalities with disconcerting ease!

And thanks to our powerful dialog features, such as digression management and multiple intentions, even the most sophisticated scenarios become easy to manage.

ILLUIN Low-code parameterization dialog
ILLUIN Dialogue integrations

Take automation to the next level with advanced integrations

Offer your users more and more instant self-service resolutions and a personalized experience by connecting your bots to your IS and business tools.

External API integration is made easy, in the form of Python code for rapid, in-depth interaction with your existing technological ecosystem.

Deploy your bots on an industrial scale
with complete peace of mind


ILLUIN Dialogue is a customer-proven technology, fully capable of handling massive conversation flows simultaneously without any drop in performance.


We apply market best practices in security, and our technologies are proprietary, independent and deployable on premise.

Create your unified omnichannel experience with ease

Deploy your bots on all your written channels (website, mobile app, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger...) and voice channels (IVR...) without duplicating configuration.

The power of ILLUIN Dialogue lets you choose precisely when the agent gives way to the human for a differentiating and perfectly unified omnichannel experience.

ILLUIN Omnichannel dialogue
ILLUIN Dialogue analytics

Optimize your bots with clear, detailed analytics

Our analytics interface natively provides numerous metrics on the activity of your conversational agents, as well as the history of all conversations.

You can add customized dashboards to this data, collecting, aggregating, filtering, sorting and graphically displaying all the business data collected.

features make all the difference

Clearing up ambiguities

Ability to recognize ambiguity and skilfully clarify intentions


Ability to identify a digression and return to the main intention

Multiple intentions

Ability to identify several intentions and deal with them in succession

Answers by channel

Ability to adapt response format and content to suit the channel

Omnichannel transfer

Ability to bring a human into the conversation or switch to another channel

Advanced voice settings

Fine-tuning package to optimize the vocal experience

Compliance / RGPD

Anonymize and detect RGPD non-compliance automatically

One-click deployment

Deploy and test your changes instantly

Pre-configured entities

Save time managing around 15 entities (name, address, tel...)

Conversation history

Access all conversations to monitor and improve your bots


Keep successive versions of your bots easily accessible

Rights management

Enhance collaboration within your team thanks to fine-tuned rights management