Proprietary NLU engine , the most powerful on the market

ILLUIN NLU, multilingual and No. 1 for the French language, offers unrivalled performance in terms of comprehension, learning and taking into account specific business requirements.
Our ILLUIN NLU technologies

The advantages
of our technology


Explainable orchestration of AI methods


A multitude of natively managed NLP tasks


And No. 1 for the French-speaking NLU


High performance with virtually no training


A paradigm that breaks away from sectoral logic

Robust orchestration of state-of-the-art AI methods

ILLUIN NLU is a technology that orchestrates multiple AI approaches and state-of-the-art models in real time to achieve the best possible language understanding.

This orchestration has the advantage of combining different methods to benefit from the advantages of each, depending on the task, context or constraints.

ILLUIN NLU orchestration

A multitude of

ILLUIN NLU contains templates for most NLP tasks: Question Answering, named entity and relationship extraction, sentiment analysis, text classification, clustering...

These models are part of a new generation of algorithms - based on state-of-the-art language models - that require virtually no training.

No. 1 in French-speaking NLU thanks to the FQuAD project

A dataset unlike any other in the world

FQuAD is the largest Question Answering dataset in the French language: 80K question-answer pairs created by ILLUIN Technology for its own R&D.

World-renowned work

The FQuAD project has given rise to 4 scientific publications published internationally by a dozen research teams, as well as new AI models.

Exceptional results, almost without training

For example, in conversational applications, conventional engines need 300 to 500 annotated example sentences per intention to achieve acceptable performance.

With our new-generation models, we achieve an F1-score of 92% for intention classification, with only 10 to 20 examples per intention. A revolution.

ILLUIN NLU for all sectors

A higher NLU, immediately, for all sectors

The fact that ILLUIN NLU requires virtually no training makes it a comprehension engine natively adapted to all sectors and all use cases.

What's more, the orchestration logic we've created means you can quickly create THE combination of methods that best suits your specific business needs.