Léonard, a chatbot created for Chronopost France, allowing more than 15,000 conversations per day and expanding to Europe.



Access package tracking information and better understand the brand’s solutions

Leonard is a chatbot developed for Chronopost since April 2017.
It allows users to access the tracking of their packages as well as to better understand the solutions they have at their disposal to report an incident during delivery.

For Chronopost, the customer service workload represents approximately 15,000 calls per day. The majority of these calls are due to a misunderstanding of the information available on the company’s website. A conversational approach is used here to reassure recipients about the information available regarding the tracking of their packages. The chatbot can thus use reassuring wording to talk to the user, and also introduce nuances, unlike traditional monitoring which will be limited to a simple sentence.


A solution that has been able to adapt and evolve

The numbers

Following the success of the chatbot (5% conversion rate on the Chronopost website, 50% on the contact page), the chatbot has also been deployed as an entry point to the call platform for follow-up requests.

Today, Leonard carries out 10,000 conversations a day on the website and answers 10,000 requests for follow-up on the voice service.

Chatbot responses that can be modified by Chronopost teams

After a first iteration carried out jointly with Illuin Technology, Chronopost’s employees are the only ones able to modify the responses of their Chatbot, update the various rules related to the tracking of a package (57 possible scenarios) or access the history of conversations.

Constantly evolving

Chronopost teams can also create new scenarios, such as proximity point search, with the help of internal developers, who can easily connect the chatbot to the various Chronopost web services.


Leonard is now very well integrated into Chronopost’s online media and business logic. A page is even dedicated to it : See the website