Ateliers de l’IA

An excellent and regular opportunity to share good business and technical practices with experts, clients and academics.


AI Boarding

How to succeed in your AI endeavors ?

Since June 2018, Illuin has been regularly organizing this event with our customers and partners, experts and enthusiasts in AI. The last edition in February 2019 saw 5 workshops from general data science to chatbots.

Based on real-life cases, we have helped our clients to:

  • Identify their best business needs
  • Moving from prototype to production
  • Use the right technologies to control their intellectual properties and their data.


Discover the range of possibilities and our customers’ use cases to better imagine yours.
Talk to our experts about the state of the art of AI and our technical achievements.

Conversational Robot Factory

• Sharing Illuin’s expertise in conversational agents (Chatbots and VoiceBots)

• Demo of 2 of the most important chatbots in France: Randstad Recruitment (Chatbot of the Year at the 2018 Social Media Grand Prix) and Chronopost

• Presentation of an exclusive Illuin experience combining Virtual Reality and VoiceBot

Data Science Desk and Data Science Tech Lab

• Evaluation of the relevance of use cases

• Presentation of achievements in various fields of AI

• Overview of available technologies, discussions on the state of the art: NLP, Computer vision, Forecasting, Detection, etc.


Imagine and implement your AI roadmap

Business Cases, Use Cases

By sharing the knowledge of a large network of professionals and experts, Illuin, in partnership with CentraleSupélec’s Paris Digital Lab, allows you to identify the best use cases for your organization.
More than 500 professionals in charge of these AI topics in large groups share their use cases in various formats so that their AI projects become more than prototypes.

Technical Considerations

Ownership of AI, data, code: we offer an open approach that allows your company to use AI on strategic processes and projects, without fear of economic dependence on a SaaS model or the sharing of critical or confidential data. We also offer the opportunity to discuss the state of the art in several fields with a large community of data science experts.