Intelligence artificielle

Tailor-made, state-of-the-art AI solutions, in complete control of your data and operating for your business.

Our AI expertise

The Illuin team designs, tests and implements complex AI products,
through the state of the art in Machine & Deep Learning.


Our chatbots integrate intention classification and named entity extraction (NER) algorithms, specifically trained on each client’s data. A spell checker trained with recurrent neural networks (RNN) improves the bot’s understanding and ensures the user gets what he is looking for.


The in-depth expertise developed on Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for extracting, understanding, or learning from text data has enabled our Data Scientists to implement complex and varied products: extraction of entities and relationships in financial, technical or legal documents, parsing and matching of CVs, multilingual email classification.


Clustering consists in identifying similar data groups within unlabeled datasets. These algorithms can be used, for example, to detect abnormal events or to map the content of a database. We have been able to implement solutions for analyzing anomalies by clustering logs, analyzing lexical fields in textual documents, or for the segmentation of user groups.


We design recommendation systems integrating various technologies (Collaborative Filtering, Preference Learning, targeting algorithms) on a wide range of business use cases: recommendation of favorable commercial prospects, customer churn, finding high potential real estate properties or even providing the optimal operating decision scenarios in a transport network.


We implement the state of the art in Deep Learning on classic computer vision tasks: image classification and segmentation, as well as object detection. Applied to concrete business needs, these models make it possible to design solutions for facial recognition, for the use of scanned documents, or for the detection of pathologies on medical images.


These solutions make it possible to detect, from a structured data set, an abnormal event or an anomaly. We implement custom models for fraud detection, churn prediction for the insurance industry, physical anomaly detection (transport sector), financial difficulties forecasting, or predictive maintenance of industrial equipment.


Analyzing historical data or predicting the evolution of a time series allows us to evaluate the main trends in your business and make the right strategic decisions. We develop traffic prediction models (transport), or delivery time prediction models in a supply chain.

R & D

In addition to the specific tools built for our clients, our Data Scientists team allocates a significant part of its time to internal R&D: applying the results from scientific publications of the world leaders in AI research (Facebook FAIR, Google AI, Stanford, M.I.T…) in order to remain in permanent contact with the state of the art, designing our own exploratory algorithms, and producing proofs-of-concept on new use cases.

Key points

If you had to remember one thing…

40Dedicated ExpertsData Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers, NLP & Computer Vision Engineers

50Realized AI projects or prototypesHealth, Transportation, Logistics, Banking, Real Estate, Recruitment

18Million messagesprocessed and understood by our chatbots Randy and Leonard.

80 KTechnical documentsanalyzed and processed by our algorithms #Vision #NLP

Client AI Assistance

Illuin Technology drives a large number of AI projects to the prototype, MVP, industrialized project or research project phases, depending on your needs.