Lead Data Scientist

Deep Learning
Machine Learning

Our Data Scientists mainly work for the Innovation Labs of our key partners on innovative and cutting-edge topics. They design and implement robust and innovative Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms.

Job description

Who we are

Illuin Technology is a young company of 40 makers with a real spirit of mutual support! We carry out strategic projects around new modes of technical interaction and artificial intelligence. Thanks to our scientific and technological expertise, as well as our knowledge of Design Thinking and UX, we innovate by placing the end user at the heart of the process.

Your future job

The challenges :

Illuin is a rapidly growing young company, facing continuous challenges and offering significant prospects: :

  • processing structured data (customer and product information, web browsing…) or unstructured data (verbatims, contact columns…), internal or external (open data, social media…);
  • implementation of traditional analytical techniques (segmentation, scores…) or innovative methods (machine learning, deep learning…);
  • design of tests to measure the benefits of these analytical innovations;
  • design and development of different AI bricks, creation of ML algorithms;
  • collaboration with the dev team on the implementation and deployment of ML systems in production;
  • sharing your expertise and promoting predictive analysis methods by communicating regularly with all Illuiners during weekly sweet talks.

Tech stack:

  • Python
  • DL Libraries: Keras / TensorFlow / PyTorch
  • ML Libraries: Sklearn / Statsmodels …

What you’ll bring:

  • Machine Learning (Classification, Regression, Clustering)
  • Deep Learning (CNN, RNN …)
  • TimeSeries (Decomposition, ARIMA …)
  • Computer Vision (Classification, Object detection…)
  • NLP (Sentiment Analysis, Language Models …)

Bonus points for having experience with :

  • UNIX & Bash
  • Git and continuous integration tools
  • Unit and integration tests, BDD, lint
  • R./Scala
  • Spark / Hadoop
  • Continuous deployment
  • Front-end notions (HTML/JS/CSS)
  • Databases (SQL/NoSQL)

Why choose us ?

Illuin is:

  • a shared desire to write an innovative and uniquely different story with our partners.
  • a technically talented team with a real spirit of mutual support!
  • a horizontal, liberated and empowering organizational framework where initiative is strongly encouraged.
  • a friendly working environment with table tennis, pool, and a gym available.
  • a monthly team building;
  • a competitive salary.

Contact Tom if you want to know more !

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Tom brendlé

Lead Data Scientist and Co-Founder



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